Map of the mall

Example of custom map created from SVG using converter available here. Please note that if you use map generated from SVG you need to position markers by pixel coordinates, not by latitude and longitude as in case of map generated from GIS data.

Full code of an example:

    map: 'mall',
    backgroundColor: 'transparent',
    markers: [{
      coords: [60, 110],
      name: 'Escalator 1',
      style: {fill: 'yellow'}
      coords: [260, 95],
      name: 'Escalator 2',
      style: {fill: 'yellow'}
      coords: [434, 95],
      name: 'Escalator 3',
      style: {fill: 'yellow'}
      coords: [634, 110],
      name: 'Escalator 4',
      style: {fill: 'yellow'}
    series: {
      regions: [{
        values: {
          F102: 'SPORTS & OUTDOOR',
          F103: 'HOME DECOR',
          F105: 'FASHION',
          F106: 'OTHER',
          F108: 'BEAUTY & SPA',
          F109: 'FASHION',
          F110: 'BEAUTY & SPA',
          F111: 'URBAN FAVORITES',
          F114: 'SERVICES',
          F166: 'DINING',
          F167: 'FASHION',
          F169: 'DINING',
          F170: 'ENTERTAINMENT',
          F172: 'DINING',
          F174: 'DINING',
          F115: 'KIDS STUFF',
          F117: 'LIFESTYLE',
          F118: 'URBAN FAVORITES',
          F119: 'FASHION',
          F120: 'FASHION',
          F122: 'KIDS STUFF',
          F124: 'KIDS STUFF',
          F125: 'KIDS STUFF',
          F126: 'KIDS STUFF',
          F128: 'KIDS STUFF',
          F129: 'LIFESTYLE',
          F130: 'HOME DECOR',
          F132: 'DINING',
          F133: 'SPORTS & OUTDOOR',
          F134: 'KIDS STUFF',
          F135: 'LIFESTYLE',
          F136: 'LIFESTYLE',
          F139: 'KIDS STUFF',
          F153: 'DINING',
          F155: 'FASHION',
          F156: 'URBAN FAVORITES',
          F157: 'URBAN FAVORITES',
          F158: 'LINGERIE & UNDERWEAR',
          F159: 'FASHION',
          F160: 'FASHION',
          F162: 'FASHION',
          F164: 'FASHION',
          F165: 'FASHION',
          FR01: 'REST ROOMS',
          FR02: 'REST ROOMS',
          FR03: 'REST ROOMS',
          FR04: 'REST ROOMS',
          FFC: 'DINING'
        scale: {
          "FASHION": "#2761ad",
          "LINGERIE & UNDERWEAR": "#d58aa3",
          "BEAUTY & SPA": "#ee549f",
          "URBAN FAVORITES": "#15bbba",
          "SPORTS & OUTDOOR": "#8864ab",
          "KIDS STUFF": "#ef4e36",
          "ENTERTAINMENT": "#e47325",
          "HOME DECOR": "#a2614f",
          "LIFESTYLE": "#8a8934",
          "DINING": "#73bb43",
          "REST ROOMS": "#6c260f",
          "SERVICES": "#504d7c",
          "OTHER": "#c7b789"
    onRegionTipShow: function(e, el, code){
      if (el.html() === '') {